Music Composition and Production

Newfangled Music offers a large variety of musical talent, recording services and production solutions, giving direct access to achieving your original projects creative goals. Our team of top LA composers, songwriters and lyricists make the creative process seamless and transparent when it comes to writing and recording a song with lyrics or needing a composer for a commercial, for a documentary or a film composer to score music for a powerful new movie project. Newfangled Music provides the ease of mind and vehicle to transport you through the forever-changing creative journey!

Our years of experience in the music and media industry's position us with a leading edge when it comes to the best selection for a music composer befitting a project of a certain genre and style. We have the leading edge when it comes to: booking top producers, session musicians, singers and engineers; selecting a great studio with just the right ambiance and capability; and choosing and matching that perfect singer, songwriter and lyricist team.