Photography and Creative

Newfangled Music offers a variety of talented photographers and videographers each with their unique style, creative flair and experience. A photographer plays one of the most important roles at an event and cannot be someone just snapping pictures. A good event photographer will capture the beauty and the glamour including those special moments to beautifully portray in photographs and then cherish for years to come!

Credible photographers are studied professionals who embody the feel of your event through their work. Whether you're celebrating your wedding, throwing a party or hosting a corporate event, a great photographer is one of the best investments made at an event!


Drone photography

Newfangled Music offers direct access to this very innovative technology of high-quality aerial media services. This hi-tech service utilizes drones to capture the most amazing aerial images and HD video perspectives elevating any event photography to a new standard!

Drone photography is a great solution and an important addition to any large specialty event capturing different aerial dimensions and perspectives not possible from the ground. Drone photography utilizes professional state-of-the-art cameras and HD video cameras to produce spectacular image clarity and quality! Because of their mobility and lower cost, movie and media companies utilize Drone services frequently for aerial filming of music videos, commercials and various movie shoots.

Drone photography services provided by Newfangled Music comply with all FAA rules and regulations and include all necessary licenses of operation.