Recording Studio and Services

Newfangled Music featuring its top LA team of industry professionals provide access to some of the finest recording studios in the city, ranging from smaller intimate digital rooms to grand state-of-the-art studio complexes boasting selections of prime vintage gear and satisfying the needs of the most demanding music enthusiasts!

No matter what kind of project you have and how demanding it might be, there is always a studio able to accommodate your project needs given the variety of production services available throughout the industry. Budgets, however, play an important role when it comes to the type and size of your project and are directly related to the selection and capability of your studio pick (e.g. a state-of the-art studio with several recording rooms of various sizes can accommodate a large orchestra project at a high cost, as compared to a smaller size studio recording a quartet at a much lower cost).

Our team of professionals offers assistance, guidance and direction in regard to the type of services that best fit your project needs, while providing continued support throughout the entire creative process.


  • Recording: Live tracking of singers, musicians, drums and percussion
  • Mixing: Professional engineers create great final audio mixes
  • Production: In-house professionals provide guidance and expertise
  • Editing: Cleanup, prepare, edit and organize your session flow
  • Sound Design: Add sounds and effects to enhance audio production
  • Tape Transfers: Ability to work with old tape and transfer tracks
  • Voice Over: Dry acoustic booth with high-end mics and outboard gear
  • Video Shoots: Great studios always make great location shoots
  • Mastering: Final mastering of audio tracks for CD, Film, TV and Radio