Session Musicians and Soloists

Newfangled Music caters to your most unique and demanding requests by providing professional soloists specializing in unique instrumentation choices and displaying masterful performance skills. Our soloists add the perfect touch of intimacy to your event whether it being the flavor of accordions to ukuleles or bagpipes to violins. Soloists can be elegant, classy and vibrant... creating that special ambiance with artistic flair!

Most studio recording dates involving Records, Commercials, Film and TV require top session musicians who are experts in the recording environment having the ability, flexibility and knowledge to not only perform masterfully, but also to play the written music on paper and make it come-alive! These top rated session musicians are always in high demand given their playing and reading skills and their sonic instrument quality. Direct access to these top session musicians is extremely difficult and known primarily by inside industry professionals. Newfangled Music offers you direct access to these top rated musicians whose performance skills will make, create, uplift and transform your original compositions to their highest musical level.